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Be First In Search | Internet Marketing Company In Dubai

Be First In Search (BFIS) is a digital marketing agency in Dubai, offering internet marketing services throughout the United Arab Emirates. The services on offer are; search engine optimisation (SEO), campaign management of your pay per click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, website design, graphic design and more. BFIS is a trading name of First Click FZE LLC Group and works together with it's other trading brand First Photography. This provides BFIS customers with a wide base of knowledge and expertise, in digital media and marketing.

"I have worked with you over the last 7 years and you have always delivered great service and your results have always been outstanding. I can't recommend you enough."
Mark Beedles
DLT Director

Choose Your Digital Marketing Services


Rank more prominently and organically in Google SERP, for search terms that are relevant to your business and customers.


Fully bespoke management service, for your Pay Per Click, Digital Advertising. Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Social Media

Let your brand voice be heard in the right way and build a social following with your customers. Start the right conversations with social media marketing.

Website Design

Develop an aesthetically pleasing and revenue generating website, for your business. From lead generation, to ecommerce solutions.

Top Digital Marketing Agency In Dubai

We understand that your business, only wants to work with the best internet marketing companies in Dubai. BFIS believe that to become the best, we must become the best in our clients eyes. To achieve this, trust and understanding must become vital components of our business relationship. That's why our focus is to create lasting and meaningful relationships, to ensure the best partnership between your company and our agency.

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Why Partner with BFIS for Your Marketing?

Business Growth

Business Growth Focussed

The sole purpose of a partnership with BFIS, is to use internet marketing to grow your business in a sustainable way.

Fair Contractual Agreements

Fair Contractual Agreements

Judge us on our success. That’s why our contractual agreements reflect fairness and performance related clauses to protect your interests. 

Innovative Marketing

Innovative & Idea Led

Innovation and ideas fuel the internet marketing campaigns that we carry out for you. Led by industry experience and focussed enthusiasm.

Sales and Marketing

Sales Impact Measured

Ultimately, the true and sensible metrics for business are sales and profitability. That’s why we monitor the impact of all campaigns, inline with your sales goals.

Creative Digital Marketing Agency

Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

As an innovative and idea led digital marketing agency, our internet marketing solutions are bespoke to your business needs. This means that we fully assess your business setup, USPs, best practices and your plans for growth, from an overall sales and marketing strategy perspective. What this means in practice, is that we will work closely with your marketing department, stakeholders and team. As result, you will achieve the most out of your digital marketing campaigns.